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WinS Review Meeting for Zones 4 & 6A on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at Hotel Orchid, Mumbai. The designated participants- District Governors and District WinS Coordinators.

Message From Our Leaders - Rotary WinS India Chair

Message from
Sushil Gupta
Chair, Rotary International WASH in Schools Committee
Rotary Foundation Trustee
Past Rotary International Director

Recently I had an opportunity to meet 25 district collectors specially selected out of 100 top performing districts under Swachh Bharat C a m p a i g n . They were invited to interact with Sachin Tendulkar brand ambassador of Team "Swachh" an initiative by ICC, UNICEF and Govt. of India. In relation to the above event I would like to share some excerpt from a recent report by Mr. Adil Zalnulbhal, Chairman, Quality Council of India (QCI), which has claimed that over 90% of new toilets in the 100 best districts ranked by it are being used. In the best districts that we looked at, all schools have toilets and the community has come together to make it work.

Starting with children is a great idea...and it works well not because the government is involved, but because the community is involved. Also, six-nine months after these toilets were built in schools, the attendance has gone up. That's the huge difference toilets are making. As regards maintenance, when the entire village, the district collector & block officers get together, things work. If it's not a peoples movement, it will not work, And if it can be done in 100 good districts, it proves that it is possible to scale up. Now, the challenge is to expand to all 547 districts in the country.

This report amply demonstrates that we are on the right track by bringing a behavioural change through the school children. Swachh Vidyalaya is Precursor to Swachh Bharat.

Sushil Gupta